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~~~~>> CONTENTS    Volume 1 Issue 5

Welcome to Volume 1 Issue 5 of the e-mail companion to the
'Sitefinder: Adventure and Experiential Education Directory'
Editor: Roger Greenaway roger@reviewing.co.uk
Copyright 1998 Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training
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''HOW and WHY are people are using outdoor adventure for
learning, growth, development, empowerment, education, training,
therapy, reflection or inspiration?''
Each issue points to resources about 'HOW' and 'WHY'.
'We can develop a first hand intelligence of nature from which
real intelligence grows. This means breaking down the walls made
by clocks, bells, rules, academic requirements and a tired indoor
pedagogy. I am proposing a jailbreak that would put learners of
all ages outdoors more often'. (David Orr, 1994)

'How Outdoor Education Contributes to Sustainability'
[The article starts with the above quote from David Orr.]
Geoff Cooper, Low Bank Ground Outdoor Education Centre
'Outdoor Education: from the roots, to the new branches'
by Mark Lund (1997)
<http://www.planet.eon.net/~lundm/outed.html> [URL may have changed]
'A Model Theory of Outdoor Programming Approaches'
Ron Watters, Idaho State University Outdoor Program (1987)
4 models are described and discussed: club, instructional/school,
guided/packaged and common adventure.
Why Experiential Training? Why Outdoors?
A few succinct paragraphs from 'Corporate Outdoor Training'
http://www.cot.com.au/whyexp.htm [URL may have changed]
3 articles about reviewing in outdoor education and training:

'Treading Lightly'
Matthew Thompson (Freelance Outdoors)
Find the link to this 'country code plus' at:
http://homepages.enterprise.net/mthompson [URL may have changed]
'Minimizing Impact and Random Acts of Kindness for the
Ron Watters  (Idaho State University Outdoor Program)

This section features 2 acts of generosity!
    INNOVATIONS from 'The Biking Expedition'
"We have made a decision to really open up give as much
information as we can on-line and encourage other programs to
check out our page and use what they like." writes Brent Bell.
"Presently we are updating our website to include some new pages.
Folks looking for employment will be able to get all our
information and application on-line.  We also will have a video
introduction to the page and music when you log on.
If you do use one of our ideas, all we ask is that you be
generous with others in the field with your innovations."
Send feedback, comments, questions, quotes and queries to:
    NEW RESEARCH AWARD from 'eXperientia'
Simon Priest recently announced the formation of an annual award
for the best research conducted in the fields of adventure
programming and/or experiential learning. The award recipient
will also get a US$1,000 bursary.

http://www.argonet.co.uk/edinburgh.scouts/games/index.html [URL may have changed]
Games Galore. The Games Compendium is a collection of games
suitable for Scouts and
Guides. It is based on the Scouting Games FAQ with many
suggestions from Scouters and Guide leaders.
http://www.usscouts.scouter.com/games/game_t.html [URL may have changed]
Confidence and Team Building Games
The above 'activities' links come from a well organised links
collection on Christian Itin's site.
Categories include links for For Experiential Educators,
Adventure-Based Practitioners, Adventure Therapists, Corporate
Adventure Trainers and more. There is also a growing list of
activities that visitors are adding to - another example of
community-building and resource-building via the internet.

Following the tips about discussion lists in the last issue ...

Most of the outdoor discussion lists I have tried out are virtual
'free-for-alls' with little sign of anyone _facilitating_  the
discussion. At it's best this anarchic approach to communication
is brilliant, inspiring, challenging, useful etc. But it has it's
problems too.
SMALL discussion lists can find it difficult to get going without
facilitation. It's a novelty when a message arrives! And a rarity
for a 'thread' to develop.
In BIG discussion lists (especially unfacilitated ones) you get
lots of emails to delete in between the ones that make
subscribing worthwhile. Also, discussion tends to be dominated by
a few.
A 'moderated' list is half-way between a newsletter and a
free-for-all forum. And there are plenty of popular 'moderated'
lists on the internet. But do you know of any in the experiential
education field? (Please write in and I'll list them!)
The moderated lists (in other fields) that I have subscribed to:
    • are better than newsletters because there is a wider range
of input
    • are better organised than discussion lists
    • and are even more responsive than either newsletters or
discussion lists (I have received excellent answers to my
questions in moderated lists)
If you are interested in setting up a moderated list, all you
need is time and internet access. You can set up moderated lists
for free at <http://groups.yahoo.com>
(where you can also find a useful directory of mailing lists).
And I'll help you on your way with a free announcement in this
ezine. (This offer also applies to existing lists, bulletin
boards etc.).
Just one word of caution from Whit Andrews: "the courts have held
that virtual communities without moderators are not liable when a
member posts libelous material, the equation changes dramatically
when a moderator with the powers of an editor is present." Go to
<http://www.internetworld.com> and search for the word
"Regulation" for the article. Then take a risk and start one up!.

~~~~>> I N F O R M A T I O N . S O U R C E S
The Outdoor Network Calendar
[no longer in business] An impressive calendar of forthcoming conferences and events. A
place to check (and a place for your own special announcements!)
Most info happens to be about events in the USA, but events from
around the world are promoted here too. And I believe it's a free
service. So is the Outdoor Noticeboard at:
Youth Work and Information Technology
In the last issue I wrote that <http://www.youthwork.com> is 'an
excellent gateway to UK resources'. It is living up to this
reputation. I have just learned from the youthwork.com ezine that
the National Youth Agency has a web page at
about IT for Youth Work Week - this week! (UK)

~~~~>> N E W . B O O K S . f o r . C H R I S T M A S . (UK)
The contribution which outdoor education can make to children's
learning as part of the national curriculum.
by Pat Keighley, NAOE, 15 + p&p
A leader's guide to outdoor activities, the environment and
by Geoff Cooper, Russell House Publishing, 14.95 + p&p
Details from the Adventure Education Bookshop:

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