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Reviewing Skills and Tools for Trainers

A 2 day trainer-training workshop with Roger Greenaway
Mennorode Conference Centre, Elspeet, Netherlands Netherlands

Reviewing is probably the most important and underdeveloped skill in experience-based training. Better reviewing helps participants get more value from the training you provide. Better reviewing also helps learners take their learning into the future - resulting in real and continuing development.

Is this trainer-training event for you?

The event is designed primarily for trainers using short activities (up to three hours) on short programmes (up to three days) - especially where personal development or team development are priorities.

This two day programme will help you to maximise the impact and value of the activities in your own training programmes.

The skills and insights that you gain can be applied to many other settings in which experience is used as a source of learning and development. The experiential and interactive style of this event will help you to make the learning relevant to your own work.

What is reviewing?

'Reviewing' applies both to what the learner does when reflecting on their experience as well as to what the trainer does when helping others to reflect, share and learn from their experiences.

Facilitation of reviewing can happen with just one other person, but on short, busy courses the main opportunities for promoting reviewing will be with the whole group.

By taking part in this programme you will develop a wide variety of group facilitation skills that will help participants gain full value from their experiences.

What kind of reviewing?

Flipcharts and questioning skills are central features of many reviewing styles, but many learners will benefit from taking part in more varied and dynamic approaches. Ideally, reviewing is at least as engaging as the activity being reviewed. See the programme below to discover the range of reviewing styles that are included in this two day event.

Reviewing Skills and Tools for Trainers

The details of this programme may be adapted to suit participants' needs and interests, but the overall structure will remain as outlined below.

'Reviewing Skills and Tools for Trainers' is about improving the quality of the whole training experience - both during training exercises and during reviews. You will learn how to maintain full involvement throughout the learning process - ensuring that learners are alert, motivated and curious. You will learn a number of methods for keeping the connections alive between doing and thinking - rather than just alternating between these two modes of learning. Whatever the purpose of your training, a skilled and confident approach to reviewing will help to generate a highly productive climate for learning.

Topics include:

  • how to use reviewing to accelerate group development
  • how to fire up the process of experiential learning
  • how to raise the quality of communication within a group
  • how to keep reviews alive and moving,
  • how to deal with resistances to learning.
  • how to achieve specific objectives
  • how to develop your skills in active reviewing
You will be able to try out a stimulating range of reviewing methods using natural objects, visual aids, stories, replays and other techniques from creative arts, drama, counselling and group work. This workshop will extend your toolkit and develop your skills in using these versatile reviewing tools.

Programme Details:


Creating a Climate for Learning

Beginning a course

Doing it and reviewing it.

Getting involved in learning

Why reviewing and why active reviewing?

Why use activities in training?

Revolver - trying out different perspectives

A climate for all learning styles?

Clarifying how you like to learn - and why.

Sharpening Awareness

Observation Walk

and making reviewing a surprise.

Observing, giving and receiving feedback

concentrated practice in key reviewing skills

The active reviewing cycle

matching reviewing methods to theories of experiential learning and development

Re-viewing and Re-experiencing

working in the red zones of the cycle

Sharing a valued experience

and the value of sharing significant stories

Re-viewing and re-living experiences

tools to bring experiences to life

Speed and search techniques

tools to help you select what matters most

Getting to the Point

working in the black zones of the cycle

Examining Findings

tools for investigation and analysis

reviewing as a balancing act

Exploring Futures

tools for change - from re-viewing to pre-viewing


Reviewing day 1 using the reviewing cycle.

Previewing day 2 and checking priorities.


Reviewing for Team Development

Deciding Line

an activity-generating activity.

Models of development

Why learning cycles aren't enough.

Images of teamwork

sharing values about teams - actively.

Reviewing for better teamwork

tools for helping teams learn and develop

Challenging Situations

Escaping from default patterns

Individuals, groups and (even) facilitators retreat to 'comfort zones' when lost.

Starting from a combined list of common default patterns we will actively explore how reviewing can help to get individuals, groups and facilitators moving. You will have the opportunity to review your own reviewing.

Evaluation, Transfer and Follow-up

How reviewing can increase the impact and value of training programmes

Key issues about transfer: transfer, translate or transform?
What you can do before, during and after training events to promote transfer
Transfer within a training event
Transfer beyond a training event
[These topics are based on Roger's two day programme on how to transfer of learning.]

Countdown to the end of a programme

Doing the most important things well. Using this course as a live example, you will learn how to design 'perfect' endings for your own programmes.

Carry on learning

Ending the course. Continuing the learning.

Enquiries and bookings: contact Jac Rongen
email: Enquire by email to or view where you will find price details and a booking form for this event

Extra notes about the programme

  • Key inputs are supported by handouts in a course manual.
  • Most of the time will be practical.
  • Depending on the weather and your preferences, parts of the programme will take place in the grounds of the conference centre.
  • You are encouraged to visit Roger Greenaway's Active Reviewing Guide website at before and after this event for its extensive content and links. See the selected pages below
  • Any questions? Please contact either
    Roger Greenaway or the event host
    Jac Rongen, Enquire by email to or view
  • The '10 Benefits' below summarise what you and your clients can gain from effective reviewing

10 Benefits of Reviewing

  1. You are more in touch with learners
  2. You develop communication skills (yours and theirs)
  3. You develop learning skills (yours and theirs)
  4. You add value to what happens
  5. You make benefits more tangible
  6. You find evidence for evaluation
  7. You become more alert and responsive to what is going on
  8. You help learners clarify and achieve their objectives
  9. You assist transfer of learning

Selected pages at

About Roger Greenaway

Roger Greenaway is the author of Playback and other books and articles about reviewing. Roger provided his first trainer-training courses in reviewing at Brathay in the early eighties. He was awarded a doctorate in 1995 for a study entitled 'Powerful Learning Experiences in Management Learning and Development'. Roger now provides reviewing skills training and consultancy in the UK and abroad.

''...I still think back to your workshop with great pleasure and find joy in exploring the possibilities of the methods you taught us.''
Netherlands Iris de Veer
(Participant on a previous reviewing skills course at Elspeet.)

''... went down so well with the staff that we asked Roger to run a second training event for us''
Randall Williams
Bowles Training Services, UK

''Your techniques are still working wonders for us on the job with what occasionally seem to be miraculous results. Thank you still.'' [3 months on]
Caroline Sillman
Corporate Adventure Associates, SA

''... our clients benefited long term because the transfer of learning from our programmes was greatly enhanced''
Andy Brown
Executive Director of ThinkWOW, China

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For enquiries or bookings for the reviewing skills event described above please contact Enquire by email to or view

For information about the learning transfer workshop, view this page

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If you would like either of these events to come to you (instead of you going to them) please contact Roger Greenaway at to discover how this can become a reality - whether you are one person, a training department, or a group or network of colleagues - and wherever you live in the world.

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