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" Roger Greenaway has his own website at, so in the interests of seeing if he manages to meet his own standards, I visited it. And I am very glad I did.

This rates as one of the best training sites I've ever seen and it certainly isn't boring.

The site covers everything facilitators could possibly want to know about Reviewing Skills Training. It is much more than just a puff of his own business.

Roger has put together a site that is genuinely useful, exceptionally easy to load and navigate and has its own search engine.

But the real joy of this site is in the detail.

For example, on the page of learning links, Roger provides more than just the URLs; he also tells you how to subscribe to various discussion groups.

And the whole site is full of useful tips to help you find your way around.

Definitely one to bookmark. "

Extract from Clare Forrest's NETcheck column in Training Journal April 1999

That was in April 1999. There have been lots of changes to since then!
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