Reviewing Outdoors

Since the NAOE/IOL publication of Reviewing Adventures in 1996 Roger has been training outdoor educators and trainers around the world in how to facilitate learning while outdoors (and in many different kinds of weather!).

Now you can spend the day with Roger on an outdoor journey - a start and stop walk of about 5 miles through a variety of locations that lend themselves to different kinds of reveiw and reflection.

The whole day will be spent looking at reviewing on the move, in the outdoors, using place, space and found objects as reviewing aids.

Why a walking workshop?
If you work outdoors it makes sense to learn these reviewing methods in the kind of environment in which you will be using them for real. We will be in your workplace - a particularly pleasant and stimulating one. We look forward to meeting you there.

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moving stones

The photos on this page come from a one day walking workshop for IOL Scotland at the Hermitage, Dunkeld.

missing person

Hermitage Journey with Activities

Reviewing Outdoors

Here are some extra articles that build on the workshop.
(You will find an index to more articles at the end of this list.)

Facilitation and Reviewing in Outdoor Education

Reviewing in Twos

What do facilitators [of learning] do?
This article allows you to re-visit most of the methods you tried out - but from a facilitator's perspective.

Turntaking when reviewing in a group

Reviewing for all: lively and democratic learning

Reviewing for Wellbeing
This article makes many specific links to the (Scottish) Curriculum for Excellence and how reviewing can contribute to well-being - in any part of the UK and beyond! In my view, if you pay attention to wellbeing then learning (almost) takes care of itself.

Reviewing with Teenagers

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More Articles
View my Academia page for some of my outdoor education articles or see this more complete index of articles on this website.

The ones I mentioned are out of print. See my full list of publications which includes more recent publications such as a chapter on "Connecting People to Experiences through Reviewing and Reflection" co-authored with Clifford Knapp in an expensive handbook - plus other more affordable items and free extracts.

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