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About Roger Greenaway
Reviewing Skills Training

USA Tim Pearson writes ...

"I value wisdom. I value group wisdom most of all because no one of us is as wise as all of us.

Roger is a world class master at evoking wise action from groups. If you wish your groups and teams to take even wiser and even more effective action, I strongly recommend getting to know Roger personally. "

Tim Pearson
Personal and Professional Coach

Tim took part in Roger's workshop hosted by Whole System Learning, New York and in EEEurope workshops presented by Roger

USAWilliam Spencer writes ...

"Roger knows more about how to turn experience into learning than anyone I know, or know of.

His particular brand of creativity--always seeing multiple ways to look at things, plus deep experience and thoughtful, research-based approach make him second to none in his field.

If you want to learn more about innovative approaches for action learning debriefs, experiential learning debriefs and ways to engage people in meaningful discussions about their experience, Roger is your man.

He has provided us with consulting and training services for the past 3 years."

William Spencer
Whole System Learning
New York

'Whole-system learning' is an approach to adult education that brings together accelerated learning, the use of movement in learning, discovery learning and experiential learning. Originated by William J Spencer in the mid 1980s. 

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