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Guest site review in LearningWire March 1998

Roger Greenaway's Guide to Active Reviewing and Debriefing

It is well worth taking the time to work your way through the
Complex homepage on this site. What lies behind it is a valuable
source of ideas and practical tools for trainers who are
particularly interested in the process of reviewing.
Roger Greenaway provides a diverse and accessible site.  He has
included a wide range of information and tools.  Whether you are
familiar with the process of reviewing experiential learning or
coming to it for the first time, this site has something to catch
your imagination. My favourite bits were the detailed lists of
reviewing activities. These are extensive and provide new angles
for approaching old tricks. There was a significant amount that I
wanted to download for future reference. There were some nice
touches of inspiration too. This site is a treasure trove.
If you have any interest in the development of people get down to
this site.  Roger Greenaway provides a wide array of information,
ideas, practical tools and inspiration.  The slightly fussy
homepage gives ready access to a range of useful materials and
thought provoking statements.
I found the initial homepage a little crowded.  Once I was inside
the site it was easy to find my way around and get back to the
main index.  After two pages I made sure I added it to my
The guest reviewer is Ian Cook. His overall ratings are:
        Content   *****
        Design    ****
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                    LearningWIRE - Issue 5
                       16 March 1998
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