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The training workshop described below has already taken place.

It is left here as an example of a workshop design that may be repeated in the future. If you would like to host or attend this kind of workshop (or are just curious about what happened) send a message to

Outdoor Management Development

This two day seminar with Roger Greenaway is designed for trainers involved in Outdoor Management Development. You will learn how to maximise the value of outdoor experiences through skilled reviewing.
  1. The first day is about developing teamwork skills. This taps into the energy source that drives all outdoor training events.
  2. The second day will extend your reviewing toolkit - beyond questioning skills, metaphor-making and action plans.
You will leave this event with the know-how to use reviewing methods that match the philosophy of your programmes and that help you to meet the needs of your clients.

Day 1: Using Experiential Learning to Develop Team Skills

Experiential Learning
  • Exploring some key issues that affect what you do as a facilitator.
Learning about teams and teamwork
  • What kinds of teamwork experiences produce useful learning about teams?
Learning about myself in teams
  • Helping learners gain useful insights about their own teamwork skills
Learning about this team
  • Reviewing tools that help teams explore their own processes
Facilitating the development of team skills
  • The importance of a teamwork approach to teamwork training
  • Evaluation

Day 2: Developing your reviewing toolkit for OMD

  • learning vs. development
  • simulation vs. stimulation
More reviewing tools
  • verbal, active and creative methods - why and how
Working with success
  • success-focused reviewing - why and how
Transfer of learning
  • more than metaphor - how to transfer learning from the outdoors to work
Professional development
  • reviewing your own practice and planning new developments
  • evaluation

Roger Greenaway began working in Outdoor Management Development in 1981. He received a doctorate in 1995 for a study of the experiences of managers during OMD events. Roger now provides reviewing skills training to a wide range of clients in the UK and abroad. Both as preparation and follow-up for this event you are recommended to browse Roger's 'Online Guide to Active Reviewing' at:

Web-based resources about experiential learning and team skills
Web-based resources about outdoor management development and reviewing methods

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