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Teamwork Links: selected reviews of teamwork websites

Selected links about teams, teamwork and team building exercises.

Site reviews in the green boxes are reproduced with permission from Stuart Wickes & Associates.

Looking for sites about teams, teamwork or team leadership?
To save you time searching search results for 'teamwork', try the human-selected teamwork links reviewed below..
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General interest/reading on teams

Fast Company on Teamwork
[The link above takes you to an archived copy. Or view the latest articles at Fast Company]
A wide ranging collection of easy to read articles and features about all aspects of teamwork from the Fast Company web-site. There's a lot of accessible, thought provoking and down to earth stuff here. The Fast Company site aims to help people in the new economy discover the tools, techniques, and tactics they need to succeed at work and life. There's also a big section to help you in Leading Your Team. Don't miss it.
Why Teams Don't Work
[The link above takes you to an archived copy.]
A site with extensive extracts from the best selling book "Why Teams Don't Work" by Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley. Easy to read chapters on common problems in teams and how to overcome them. Also on some prevailing myths about teamwork such as The Myth of Adventure Learning [archived copy]
Bob Willard's "Ideas on Teams and Teamwork"
This link takes you to the archived version at the Wayback Machine.
This is a useful shorthand guide to popular teamwork concepts. Bob Willard, a manager at IBM Canada basically read 40 management books, excerpted key concepts and quotes, and organized them into sections on Leadership, Empowerment and Delegation, Teams and Teamwork, Empowered Teams, Bibliography, Recommended Books. Great for grazing ideas or grabbing a quick quote, definition or analogy.

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On-line learning materials

Teamworks [You now need authorisation to access] Teamworks, Virtual Team Assistant, says it is a web site developed to provide support for design teams in engineering and other practical arts and sciences. Here there are nine informational modules, each containing background information, instruments for self-assessment, lessons to develop team work skills, and links to helpful resources. Excellent on-line resources for a bit of further learning. Topics include Team Building, Project Management, Team Problem-Solving, Team Conflict, Team Feedback, Team Leadership, Participation in Discussion, Oral and Written Presentations, Teaching with Teams. What are you waiting for?
Big Dog's Leadership Pages There's a couple of chapters on teams and teamwork and plenty on leadership at Don Clark's pages. He says his leadership guide, is "for new supervisors, managers and anyone wishing to move up through the ranks as a leader" The first chapter provides a basic background on leadership, the rest provide skills and knowledge needed to be effective in the role.
BBC Education Programme on Teamwork Here's information about BBC Education's programme on teamwork. You may be able to get hold of a copy from the archive. [page was at:]

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21st Century Teamwork and Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams Text of a speech given at Canadian Conference on this topical subject. Discusses nature of virtual teams, implications, use of technology and strategies for supporting them. Gets you thinking about the 'new world of teams'
Communication in Virtual Teams
pdf version
links courtesy of
Another paper on virtual teams - "Effective Communication and Information Sharing in Virtual Teams".
Teams and Teamwork in the 21st Century
link courtesy of
Some on-line course notes on teams and teamwork in the 21st century. Good quick coverage of key concepts about teamwork. Useful quick refresher. [was at:]
Team Engineering Collaboratory Interested in issues of virtual collaboration, teamworking and learning in groups across time and space. Well, you could have a poke around here. The Team Engineering Collaboratory (TEC) is "a distributed research and demonstration facility" supported by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Army and a couple of US Universities. Mission - "to support interdisciplinary research, development, and applications of advanced information technology in the context of human work and organizations."
Creating and Sustaining Trust in Virtual Teams After describing three components of  trust – ability, integrity and benevolence, the authors identify which components of trust are critical for each of the stages in the life cycle of a virtual team – planning, inception, organizing, transition and accomplishing the task. Action steps for each stage show managers and team leaders how to help members develop trust and sustain it through to the project’s successful completion.
Authors: Penelope Sue Greenberg, Ralph H. Greenberg and Yvonne Lederer Antonucci from Widener and Temple Universities
Business Horizons Volume 50, No. 4, July/August 2007

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Research and Commercial Organisations

Center for Collaborative Organizations (was the 'Center For the Study of Work Teams') An excellent site at the University of North Texas that contains extensive bibliographies, research papers, discussion groups about teams and teamwork. Has a big list of other useful links too.
Jon Katzenbach's Site - Katzenbach is a world reknowned writer and researcher on teams and teamwork. This is the site of his consultancy practice. Worth a look to read about their Team Assessment Process and to try out a free on-line diagnostic questionnaire which can help you assess the kind of workgroup or team you work in and the kind or style of teamwork/leadership needed.
The Home of Belbin's Team Roles This is the Official BELBIN® website. Home to the Team Building work of Dr R. Meredith Belbin. The site has a basic introduction to the idea of team roles and a lot of information about the products and services available from Dr Belbin.
National Society for Quality through Teamwork / European Forum for Teamwork Originally a UK society promoting quality improvement through teams and teamwork. They offer training, advice, conferences and information on use of teams to improve quality. The NSQT web address now redirects to the European Forum for Teamwork at which has also vanished.
TeamTechnology - Management Team Roles Indicator If you are interested in team roles and the interpersonal dynamics of teams then this site may be of interest. The site provides basic information on a new team roles model compatible with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. There are some comparisons with Belbin's model and a write up of related research.
TeamTechnology A UK consultancy outfit with a selection of articles about Myers Briggs and Teambuilding.

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Links to other pages of links on teams and teamwork!


TeamBuildersPlus has well organised links to a wide selection of on-line articles and web resources on a wide range of management, leadership and interpersonal skills including teams and team leadership. Good for grazing.

Relevant topics include: 360-degree feedback, Adult learning, Assertiveness, Change, Coaching, Communication, Conflict management, Creativity, problem solving and innovation, Diversity, Empowerment and Motivation, Interpersonal skills, Leadership, Learning organizations, Meetings, Teams and teamwork, Time management.

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The links above were compiled by Stuart Wickes & Associates who welcome your comments or recommendations for more 'team' sites by email to or to Even more teamwork links:
compiled by Garry Platt
compiled by Roger Greenaway

More links for teambuilding and team dynamics
recommended by Garry Platt, reproduced with Garry's permission [now archived by the Wayback Machine]
Another article with essential coverage of team building. [now archived by the Wayback Machine]
TEAM ROLES AND TEAM BUILDING: SELF-PERCEPTION IS NO BASIS ON WHICH TO BUILD A TEAM Barbara Senior. A fascinating paper that looks at some current practices in team building and makes some insightful criticisms of them.
[now archived by the Wayback Machine]
An absolutely fantastic resource, chocker blocked with information and articles on team building. An absolute must for anyone working in this area.
[now archived by the Wayback Machine]
A range of quite interesting articles on team working.
An interesting article from TMS on team building and its relationship to consultancy.  Good, but their questionnaire is way overpriced.
[now archived by the Wayback Machine]
A  Team Dynamics in Today's Workplace By Dr. Stephen C. Schoonover. downloadable article on team working, quite good.
article about team dynamics

More links for team building articles and team building exercises
added by Roger Greenaway

10 Innovative Ideas for Successful Team Building Events by Ron Kaufman [link is to archived copy at]

Appreciative Inquiry with Teams article by Gervase Bushe.

Belbin Home to the Team Building work of Dr R. Meredith Belbin

Camping Games for Kids, Families, Adults, Campfire (including video clips of games) by Brian from OutsideHow

Competency questions interviewers may use to find out about a candidate's teamworking skills from WikiJob Interview Success

Larry Lipman's includes Team Building Topics and some handy lists of tips about teambuilding, training, workshops, debriefing and success.

Living with a Self-Directed Work Team & Why Self-Direction Works A Review of Herzberg's Concepts by Peter Grazier

Playmeo Find the perfect group activity. Browse this comprehensive resource by Activity Type, Program Outcome or the particular Theme or Focus of your programme.

Sabre Corporate Development lots of useful content on team building theory and news

Self Directed Work Teams (SDWT) today's Google Results for these terms

Teams and Teamwork from the NASA Headquarters Library

Team Building Ideas For your next team building activity hold a murder mystery party.

TeamCraft Articles (PDF files)

TeamTrac Articles 40+ articles about team building

Tips for motivating teams and The secret of the high performing team: finding and breaking the habits of mediocrity from Tallis Training

Tom Heck's TeachMeTeamwork is a multi-media training resource. Members have full access to team building games, activities, exercises, ideas, video, audio, pdf documents, and more! Recommended for anyone who works with groups and wants to build community or develop leadership skills. Members receive free coaching and consulting each month.
Free pages include:
  • Summaries of research findings about the value of 'connection'.
  • Tom's 18-page e-book: "Team Activities on a Shoestring - How To Use Two Normal Shoestrings To Lead 8 Fun and Engaging Team Building Activities"
  • A 30 minute audio interview with Roger Greenaway about reviewing teamwork activities - for which you need the latest version of Windows Media Player.

Venture Team Building David Priestley started Venture Team Building (formerly 'Team Building Hub') as a platform for sharing team building resources "so anyone can teach experiential learning and challenge activities on a basic level without the hassle of visiting an outdoor centre or the expense of hiring a professional facilitator".

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