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The training workshop described below has already taken place.

It is left here as an example of a workshop design that may be repeated in the future. If you would like to host or attend this kind of workshop (or are just curious about what happened) send a message to

Reviewing skills for working with
young people in the outdoors

maximising opportunities for learning and development

The outdoors is an engaging and inspiring place that can work wonders. The tools and insights you gain from these two days will help you to ensure that young people gain significant benefit from their outdoor experiences.
Every session in this seminar uses active learning methods to promote active learning methods. The seminar itself is designed on the principles of 'learning by doing and reviewing' - in engaging and inspiring ways.

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Common ground
  • What is reviewing?
  • Why review?
Outdoors vs. indoors
  • Where to review?
  • How to review!
More tools for reviewing in the outdoors
  • Doing and reviewing - as a participant and as a facilitator
Reviewing with young people
  • Reviewing to explore issues with young people - indoors or outdoors
  • Reviewing to develop skills such as communications, problem-solving and social skills
Reviewing day one
  • The evening session will be an engaging and inspiring review of day one.
  • Evaluation exercise


Deciding what to review
  • Deciding Line
  • Searching for success
Designing mini-programmes
  • Joining two or three activities with reviewing methods
Testing out mini-programmes
  • Putting your designs to the test
Balanced Reviewing
  • Questions, concerns or examples of reviews going wrong or not working well.
  • How to further develop your reviewing skills to engage and inspire young people.
  • Evaluation (part two)

Resources, Preparation and Follow-up

This workshop will draw on ideas from Roger's three handbooks:

Fundamental to Roger's training is a belief in the importance of the quality of the experience. Experience is the energy that drives the whole process -  but a misguided approach to reviewing can all too easily stop the adventure in its tracks. Reviewing should be as dynamic as the experience itself - and nothing at all like a post mortem.

Both as preparation and follow-up for this event you are recommended to browse Roger's 'Online Guide to Active Reviewing' at:

Here are some of the pages most relevant to the workshop:


I enjoy reading the testimonials I have received after my training workshops!! - especially the ones that tell me about the longer term impact as well as the event itself. If you want to browse through these, please click on the flags at the top of my home page - or ask me to send you a selection by email.

Negotiated Programmes

Most of the programmes that I provide are negotiated with the customer. Going through this process results in a more effective programme. If you want to try out this process or simply ask questions, please contact:

Roger Greenaway
Reviewing Skills Training

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