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Facilitators' Stories

The Facilitators' Stories
by Stuart Wickes

"What's it like to facilitate at your very best?"
An inquiry into facilitators' peak experiences of facilitating at Brathay
A Research Paper by Stuart Wickes BEng MSc
First published in the Brathay Journal, Organisation Development:
Topical Papers, Issue No 2, August 2000, Brathay Hall Trust

Click here to download Facilitators' Stories (a 94kb PDF file)

Questions asked

  • What do people mean when they say they facilitate?
  • What do they actually do?
  • What's it like for them to facilitate?
  • What's it like to be facilitated by them?
  • How does their practice compare with mine and what can I learn from them?

This study took place at Brathay (Cumbria, UK) during 1998/9 as part of Stuart's studies for MSc in Change Agent Strategies and Skills with the University of Surrey, Human Potential Research Group.

Stuart writes "For practising facilitators these questions, keenly pursued, can deepen your understanding of the practice of facilitation and develop your own practice by understanding and experiencing the practice of others."

Thank you to Stuart Wickes and Brathay for permission to make this article available to you.

To contact Stuart or obtain a full copy of his thesis see the first page of the file that you download.

To learn about Brathay's research publications and their approach to development training visit the Brathay website at

Download Facilitators' Stories
Click here to download Facilitators' Stories a 94kb PDF file.
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