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Kick Start to Reviewing





What's it about?
This workshop provides a solid and inspiring grounding in the basics of reviewing activities in groups, mostly using discussion-based methods.

Who Should Attend?
Activity specialists and others who are keen to add to the value of activity-based programmes.

What is involved?
Participatory sessions that build on your existing knowledge and experience.

Why 'kick-start'?
This may be all you need to boost your self-development as a reviewer, or to get your groups reviewing.


Kick Start to Reviewing

Session 1
Images of Reviewing
What is reviewing?
Pictures of reviewing
one-liners about reviewing
models of reviewing
'Model-free' reviewing
using intuition and balance

Session 2
Facilitation = Making Learning Easy
Attitude Shifts
from teaching to facilitating
from passive to active learning
Doing Reviewing
Mid-Activity Reviewing
Repeating the Activity
Action Points
Mid-way evaluation

Session 3
Creating the Right Climate
Generating Ground Rules
Monitoring the Climate
Reviewing Checklist
Seeing and Seizing Opportunities

Session 4
Self-Development for Reviewers
(introduction to follow-up materials)
Action Planning
More Reviewing Methods
More methods will be briefly explained,
discussed or tried out in response to
participants' needs and interests
Final Evaluation

Self-Development Exercises




    Why Review?
  • You are more in touch with learners' perspectives.
  • You are developing their communication skills (and yours).
  • You are developing learning skills (yours and theirs).
  • You are adding value to what is already happening.
  • You are making benefits more tangible.
  • You are generating evidence for evaluation.
  • You become more alert and responsive to what is going on.
  • You help learners clarify and achieve their objectives.
  • You make transfer of learning more likely.

Preparation: Participants will be recommended to carry out one or two preparatory tasks.

Variations: Programmes are readily adapted to suit different client groups.

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  • These training workshops are enjoyable, effective and participatory events based on the principles of experience-based learning.
  • The typical learning sequence is explanation, example, trying out the skill or method, reviewing what happened, and considering developments and alternatives.
  • Relevance is ensured through pre-course negotiation, preparatory exercises and mid-way evaluation.
  • Supporting handouts are included with all workshops to minimise the need for note-taking and to maximise involvement.
  • New workshops will be announced later this year to coincide with the publication of two new handbooks.
  • Current workshops are listed on the main workshops page, where you will also find links to some other workshop descriptions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if would like to receive a workshop description tailored to your needs, please send an e-mail request to
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