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Reviewing Skills Training Clients: Adult Learning

Training for trainers, consultants, lecturers and other facilitators of learning

Tailored training events that have been provided by Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training

China Adventure Base Consultancy, Hong Kong repeat client
Poland Adventure for Thought, Poland
Chile Adventure Learning, Marbella, Chile feedback
PolandAga Leśny, Warsaw and Plock
USA Agile Games Conference, Boston, USA feedback repeat client
Hungary AHA! Outdoor Kft. Budapest repeat client
USA Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage, USA
Taiwan Asian Association of Experiential Education repeat client
England Ashridge Business School, London feedback repeat client
Romania AS Training and Consulting, Bucharest   feedback   repeat client
Denmark Attractor, Copenhagen and Aarhus repeat client
England Azesta, Ripley feedback repeat client
Wales Blind Veterans UK, Llandudno
England Bowles Training Services, England feedback repeat client
Romania Business-Edu, Bucharest repeat client
England Center Parcs, England repeat client
IndiaCenter for ExperIential Education, India
England Centrex Police Training Agency, England
Hong Kong China Challenge Course Association
Hong Kong China (CCAHKC)
repeat client
EnglandCLIC, NHS Cumbria
Romania Coaching Institute, Bucharest repeat client
South Africa Corporate Adventure Associates
feedback repeat client
Chile DCG Mundo, Santiago, Chile
Turkey DSM, Istanbul
South Africa Dutch Reformed Church, South Africa feedback repeat client
South Africa Dream Team, Johannesburg
England Education Development Service, Durham
England Egmont Publishing, London repeat client
Denmark Event Support, Denmark
Wales Eventus, South Wales feedback
England Facilitate This, Yorkshire
Malaysia Fishcamp Learning, Kuala Lumpur repeat client
Scotland Glasgow Kelvin College
South Africa GO IT Consulting, South Africa repeat client
Hong Kong China Hong Kong Training and Resource Centre
for Experiential Education
Romania Human Resources Foundation, Bucharest
Iran Industrial Management Institute, Iran repeat client
Portugal Inoutraining, Portugal feedback repeat client
England Interaction Learning and Development

Netherlands Iris de Veer, Netherlands  feedback repeat client
China I Will Not Complain International, China feedback repeat client
Japan I Will Not Complain International, Japan feedback
China Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Gardens, Hong Kong repeat client
Lithuania Kitokie Projektai. Lithuania repeat client
Scotland LEAD, Scotland

Denmark Lene Pedersen Consult, Copenhagen repeat client
Denmark Lindeblad Consult, Copenghagen feedback repeat client
England Log Heights, Ripley feedback repeat client
Denmark Mak and Par, Aarhus, Denmark
UK Management Development Network
Edinburgh and Bristol
repeat client
Wales Minerva, South Wales
Denmark Naturvejlederer, Denmark repeat client
Malaysia Nomad Adventure, Malaysia feedback repeat client
China Ocean Park, Hong Komg
Denmark Organisationspsykologerne, Copenhagen repeat client

Organisationspsykologisk Selskab

repeat client
Denmark Odsherred Kommune, Nykøbing Sjælland repeat client
Belgium Outward Bound Belgium
China Outward Bound Hong Kong feedback repeat client
Singapore Outward Bound Singapore repeat client
South Africa Outward Bound South Africa feedback repeat client
Taiwan Outward Bound Taiwan repeat client
Scotland People Positive, Aviemore
China Professional Way, Shanghai repeat client
Ethiopia PSOD, Africa Union with GTZ, Ethiopia
England RAF Cranwell, England
repeat client
England RAF Halton, England

Wales RAF FDTC Fairbourne, North Wales repeat client
Denmark Rambøll Management Consulting/Attractor repeat client
Denmark Resonans, Copenhagen feedback repeat client
Netherlands Rongen Consult, Netherlands feedback repeat client
Belgium Schouten and Nelissen, Belgium repeat client
Netherlands Schouten and Nelissen, Netherlands
repeat client
Scotland Scotland's Colleges repeat client
Scotland Scottish Social Enterprise Academy
Scotland SHARE, Glasgow repeat client
Scotland Scottish Institute of Business Leaders, Stirling
China Sino-Associates Global, Shenzhen and Shanghai feedback repeat client
Singapore Singapore Management University
Kuwait Speech Club, Kuwait [held in Scotland]
Sweden Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation repeat client
South Africa Team Building Institute, South Africa
China ThinkWow, China feedback repeat client
Netherlands THNK, Amsterdam feedback
Pakistan Training Impact, Pakistan
RomaniaTrainingmasters, in Timisoara, Cluj and Iasisrepeat client
Scotland Turning Point, Glasgow feedback
NorwayUNIS - The University Centre in Svalbard
China Unite Manpower Limited, Shenzhen repeat client
England University for Industry (UFI), Sheffield
South Africa University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg
Denmark Villa Venire, Copenhagen
Denmark Vingstedcentret konferencecenter feedback repeat client
USA Whole System Learning, New York feedback repeat client
England XCL, Reaseheath College, Cheshire repeat client

Clients listed on other pages
Youth sector clients: students, teachers, social workers, youth workers
Conference clients: conference presentations and workshops
Project clients: special projects, including writing

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