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Experiential-CPD Calendar

Opportunities for Continuing Professional Development

for UK-based educators and trainers who faclitate learning from experience

edited by Roger Greenaway and Bill Krouwel

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Experiential-CPD Monthly Calendar

April 2017

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Experiential-CPD is a calendar of events for Continuing Professional Development for UK-based experiential educators and trainers working indoors or outdoors. Plus international CPD events of interest to UK readers.

April's thought from Bill Krouwel follows on from last month's thought on 'Perfect Professionalism?'

Called to Serve

The vehicle through which I discovered outdoor learning (in 1979) was the team of instructors at O.B. Aberdovey. These, although poorly paid and accommodated, worked miracles with my groups. It was as if they’d experienced a real impulse to serve. They seemed called to their profession.

What do I mean by that? Well, Raatikainen (1997) says that a calling is characterised by a deep internal desire to choose a task or profession which one experiences as valuable and considers her own, a devotion to the task, a striving to act according to its highest principles. Further, the aim is to serve people. Personal attributes include altruism, devotion, dedication, caring, “being there”, trust and loyalty (Lane, 1987). It’s not all fluffy; Raatikainen lists some quite steely characteristics as well: Courage, boldness, strong will, taking the initiative. Perhaps more rigorous than traditional professionalism...

Such a list suggests that “called” practitioners are positive and energetic; likely to be an example to others.

Jauhiainen and Kivirauma (1997) –Finns, like Raatikainen - writing of education, neatly illustrate the difference between the focus of calling and that of professionalism; the person called to teaching, they say, probably sees education as way to reduce social difference, whereas the professional sees it merely as a means to prepare future citizens for a hierarchically structured labour market.

As for outdoor learning, my thoughts echo Jauhiainen and Kivirauma, seeing our field as ground contested by competing managerialist (professionalising) and humanist (calling-based) paradigms.

Managerialism can lead to prescriptive initiatives, positioning teachers as recipe-following operatives whose role it is to “deliver’ (Mahoney et al, 2005).

The humanist paradigm, on the other hand, draws on ‘…humanist concepts and research from the Hawthorne experiments (Mayo, 1933) to ideas of organisational learning (Senge,1990; Pedlar and others’) (Hall and Rowland, 1999), and is engaged with developing human potential rather than just developing specific skills.

Managerialism in the outdoors

Where there is state involvement, there is managerialism. Thus, I fear for such things as the National Citizenship Service when I see that evaluation has focussed on such tangibles as teambuilding and leadership, and that it is sold on the basis that ‘UCAS recommends students include NCS in their personal statement’ and that ‘you learn the skills employers value’ . Very much, then, the managerialist agenda of education as a ‘means of developing skills, competencies and capabilities’ (Hall and Rowland, 1999). Very prescriptive.

Enough. You get the drift … down with narrow professionalism, up with service and dedication!

Bill Krouwel

PS References are listed below in the right hand column

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Experiential-CPD Monthly Calendar

This is a selection of events, so please use the links in the right-hand column to see providers' full and latest calendars -> -> -> ->

3-4th April 2017
Advanced Outdoor First Aid
National Scout Activity Centre, Hillend, Dunfermline, Fife

4-6th April 2017
Bushcraft for Practitioners
Spring Wood
with Woodland Survival Crafts

5th April 2017 (evening)
Buxton Adventure Festival
with Eric Jones

5-6th April 2017
John Muir Award Leader Training
Brathay Hall, Ambelside, Cumbria
This two-day residential course gives a thorough introduction to the relevant skills, knowledge and approaches needed for delivering the John Muir Award scheme.

10-14th April 2017
Woodland Activity Leader Training (WALT)
Enhancing your skills to lead groups in a woodland environment. Gain the accreditation of an NCFE Level 2 Award. WALT is an accredited outdoor learning course and an alternative to forest school training.

21st April 2017
Learning Beyond the Classroom Conference in Surrey
High Ashurst OEC, Headley Lane, Mickleham
This conference aims to inspire and equip you with practical ideas and confidence to embed quality outdoor learning within your school.

23rd – 28th April, 2017
Resilience & breakthrough with natural change
Glen Feshie, Scotland.
This five-day residential course in beautiful Glen Feshie will inspire and support people with responsibilities for leading and bringing about change – in organisations, communities and across wider society.

1-31st May 2017
Walk in the Woods
This is the The Tree Council's festival to encourage everyone to enjoy trees and woods. Across the UK, walks, talks and other events take place in town and countryside. See the Near You Map

2-5th May 2017 (pre-conference starting in one of the trinations)
5-9th May 2017 (main conference)
Experiential Educators Europe (EEE) 2017
Much (not Munich) near Cologne, Germany
hosted by a trinational team (Netherlands, Belgium and Germany). EEE "is a free, unofficial, democratic people organization. The main common interest is experiential learning."

3-4th May 2017
Wiston Lodge, Biggar, South Lanarkshire
A two day event with a variety of workshops and presenters including George Yeomans and Dave Watson.

4th May 2017
Storytelling for Outdoor Learning
with Chris Holland
This one year online (?) course has a one month Free taster /appetiser

11-12th May 2017
ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid at SCQF Level 5 
The Ice Factor, Powerhouse, Kinlochleven, Highland.

16-17th May 2017
CPD - Essential Facilitation Skills
Design and deliver facilitated events that achieve success. Feedback from both the trainer and fellow delegates will ensure the participants derive the greatest value as they practice their skills.

22-23rd May 2017
The Facilitator’s Toolkit
Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire
It is designed for those who want to consolidate, broaden and enliven their style of facilitation. Explore your role as group facilitator through skills practice and awareness building in the live group setting.

31st May - 1st June 2017
John Muir Award Leader Training
FSC Nettlecombe Court, Williton, Somerset
This two-day residential course gives a thorough introduction to the relevant skills, knowledge and approaches needed for delivering the John Muir Award scheme.

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A-Z of UK CPD resources for outdoor educators and experiential trainers

AoF Association of Facilitators
is a membership organisation providing facilitator training, accreditation and supervision.

Train the Trainer, Facilitation Techniques, Team Building and Development Techniques

Bishops Wood Centre
programme of short courses for educators and environmental professionals involved in education.

Links, News and Information about the Outdoors

British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC)
workshops, conferences, ECOS journal and other publications.

BMC: British Mountaineering Council
CPD events with a mountain flavour

Careers and Qualifications in Outdoor Learning in the UK
A list of courses provided by colleges, universities, outdoor sports governing bodies and outdoor jobs websites.

CLOtC: Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
helps you provide high-quality educational experiences for young people aged 0–19

Conservation Volunteers
TCV runs a wide range of short courses every year, many offering qualifications. 

Creative Star Learning
Juliet Robertson offers CPD in an Outdoor Curriculum for Excellence, Literacy, Maths, Science and  Problem Solving Outdoors.

ecoSelf project
David Key offers courses, mentoring, research grounded in ecopsychology, deep ecology and working therapeutically in wild places.

Fundamental and advanced facilitation training courses

Forest Education Initiative
Learning Resources

Forest Schools Training

IOL: Institute for Outdoor Learning
Training Courses, Conferences, Events, Qualifications (APIOL, RPIOL) and a searchable index of Horizon's articles

IOL Professional Development Training
Throughout the UK. Many events open to non-members.

ITOL Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development and qualification with The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning

JAEOL: The Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning
View current issue and archives.

John Muir Award Leader Training
at locations in England and Scotland

Learning Outside the Classroom

Metalog® Training Tools Workshops
Facilitation workshops about how to use these activities and learning projects indoors or outdoors.

MTa Learning Workshops
Facilitation workshops about how to maximise the potential of MTa materials.

National Governing Body (NGB) courses directory

Nature's Work
Jim Langley promotes environmental awareness and understanding through training courses.

Outdoor Education Advisers Panel
OEAP offers training courses for visit leaders, visit coordinators and for using Outdoor Learning Cards

Outdoor Education Jobs and Careers

Outdoor Education Research A~Z

Jobs and events

Reviewing Skills Training
Roger Greenaway offers workshops in facilitation and reviewing for outdoor educators and trainers.

RSVP Trainer Training
Training in designing and facilitating active and experiential learning.

SkillsActive - Outdoors
Key areas of qualifications for the outdoors sector

Sustainable Development Commission

University of the First Age (UFA)
The UFA helps those working in education to develop practice by enriching your understanding of learning, creativity and innovation.

World of Learning Exhibition and Conference
annual 2 day conference for senior L&D professionals.

Free downloads
for outdoor educators and experiential trainers

The Existing Evidence-Base about the Effectiveness of Outdoor Learning (October 2015)
A report from Giving Evidence who campaign to improve the amount of evidence about charities’ effectiveness which is published, robust, findable, and clear.

The Environmental Curriculum: Opportunities for Environmental Education across the National Curriculum for England. (NAEE, 2015)

Learning Away - Curriculum Integration
This suite of resources provides insight into how Learning Away partnership schools plan curriculum focused residential experiences from KS1 to GCSE.
Learning Away Final Independent Evaluation

John Muir, Earth - Planet, Universe
Written by Julia Batagna, Illustrated by William Goldsmith
Free graphic novel - teacher's notes also available.

Optimism, Pessimism and Hope: Personal responses to the professional challenges of sustainability by Margaret Kerr, Osbert Lancaster & David Key

Learning Through Outdoor Experience: a guide for schools and youth groups by Alan Rogers and Mark K. Smith (editors). Free download.

Inclusion, Wild Places and the John Muir Award
A free booklet showing how the John Muir Award engages with people from a range of challenging backgrounds.

Global Report on Adventure Tourism
Explores the proper management of adventure travel for a sustainable, ethical tourism.

High Quality Outdoor Learning
The English Outdoor Council has re-written the previous guide 'High Quality Outdoor Education' to reflect changes since 2005. Published June 2015.

Horizons Archive Search
A free service for all visitors to the IOL website: instant access to outdoor learning articles over recent years.


Below are the references mentioned in Bill's Thought for the Month on 'Calling to Serve'

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Stone, B (2007) “Why have APIOL” presentation at the South Western IOL Annual Conference, 24th November 2007 Ashburton.

Widerquist, J.A. (1995) Called to Serve. Christian Nurse International 11.1 (4-6)

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