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Adventure Activities A-Z
Gateway Sites (UK and Worldwide) Provider Sites (UK)
Adventure Racing Adventure Racing World Series
Archery Archery GB (was Grand National Archery Society)
BowNet Archery and BOW International Magazine
Experience Archery 
Aviation British Gliding Association 
British Parachuting Association
British Paragliding + Hang Gliding Association (Skywings)

Aviation links at about.com
Learn Skydiving
• Skydiveukltd
• Strathclyde gliding club
Biking OffroadAdventures-Online.co.uk 95+ articles, UK-wide route maps, forum, tips and tricks
cyclingnews.com Cycling News.com
cyberbike.com Cyber Cyclist
Cycling and Biking at W-O-W
Mountain Biking links at about.com
Buschcraft IOL Bushcraft special interest group
IOL Buschcraft Competency Certificate
Also see Survival
Canoeing and
British Canoe Union 
Scottish Canoe Association
Irish Canoe Union
Spirit of the Spey
Caving British Caving Association
Caving at W-O-W
Climbing and
ClimbUK Find climbing partners, guides, climbing walls, stolen gear, news, routes - a real portal! 
BMC: The British Mountaineering Council
Adventure Climbing and Mountaineering at W-O-W
UKClimbing 'The best place to climb on the web'
mtn.co.uk 'UK mountain sports community'
The Alpine Club
British Mountain Guides
climbing.com Climbing Magazine
Rock + Ice Online
Mount Everest: The British Story (both historical and current news from Everest)
Mountain Zone
mountainxlinks gear for snow, bike or hike
Also see Hillwalking
Hatt Adventures
Coasteering Coasteering Guidance from the National Water Safety Forum, UK (NWSF)
Coasteering Guidance from AALA (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, UK)
Combined water and rock activities: guidance for providers (HSE, UK)
Coasteering and Tombstoning (NWSF, UK)
• Extreme Coasteering 
• Coasteering
Conservation Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory "Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine"
The Planet-Friendly Directory "people, products & services, ideas, events, resources, opportunities, thematic directories, guides..."
BTCV conservation opportunities UK and worldwide with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers.
Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (California, USA)
Cycling See Biking
Diving Dive Site Directory information on dive sites all over the world.
British Sub-Aqua Club
Divernet 'everything for scuba divers and diving'
Scuba Diving links at about.com
Environmental Activities See Conservation
Fell (Hill) Running
The Fell Runners Association
Irish Mountain Running Association
The Scottish Hill Running Association
Directory of British Athletic Clubs
Firewalking Firewalking Robert Todd Carroll's research at skepdic.com sorts fact from fiction.
Gliding See Aviation
Go Karting
Hang Gliding See Aviation
Hill Running See Fell Running
Hill Walking Hillwalking.org.uk portal for hill walking and mountaineering
Hills and Thrills articles and links to all things mountain related: gear, offers, advice, trip reports etc.
Also see Climbing & Mountaineering
Horse Riding Equine World UK news, information, classifieds, directory and forums for UK horse riders.
Horse and Horseback Riding Resource Center
Adventure Camps with Horseback Riding
Horse Illustrated
Kayaking See Canoeing
British Kitesports Association
Kubb How to play Kubb
Mountain Biking See Biking
Mountaineering See Climbing and Mountaineering
Multi-activities See Outdoor Adventure News and Information (below)
Ocean Rowing The Ocean Rowing Society
Orienteering Scottish Orienteering Association
Paintball Paintball links at about.com
Parachuting See Aviation
Paragliding See Aviation
Rafting See Whitewater Rafting
Ropes Courses See http://www.hse.gov.uk for the latest HSE Information Sheet about ropes courses and their supervision.
Go Ape
Sailing Royal Yachting Association 
Bareboating Guide award-winning interactive website
Scuba Diving See Diving
Skiing Skiing Information
ski web from the Ski Club of Great Britain
British Association of Snowsport Instructors
Snowsport Scotland skiing and snowboarding NGB
Scottish Avalanche Information Service
goski: Ski Resorts Worldwide
Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center
The 10 Dangers of Skiing and How to Avoid Them
Skydiving See Aviation
Snowboarding The British Snowboard Association
Stunt Driving StuntDriveuk.com
Surfing UK Surf Index UK Surfing Activities
Surf System UK surf updates
Surfers Against Sewage UK pollution updates
Surfer Magazine
Surf4All links and articles about surfing in France - in French
Survival SeasonsOfSurvival.com a search engine that focuses on all things 'survival' - wilderness, ocean, street, illness and much more. Congratulate yourself on surviving so much!
Survival IQ provides information, resources, strategies and techniques for survival. A huge A-Z list of links on survival themes
Also see Bushcraft
Elite Survival Training
Tombstoning Tombstoning (NWSF, UK)
Trail Running Trail Running – Tips for Beginners and Outdoor Enthusiasts
Walking The Ramblers Association
go4awalk.com free maps and advice about hillwalking in the UK
Best Walks.com UK walk descriptions
Waterskiing Waterskiing links at about.com
American Whitewater safety, access, conservation, links
White Water Rafting Scout activities, safety and raft building.
Wilderness First Aid Wilderness First Aid Basics: a well organised collection of 15 articles (USA)
Also see First Aid - below
Windsurfing UK Windsurfing Association
International Windsurfing Association
Yachting See Sailing
Zorbing Zorb On-Line Photos, videos, history, FAQs, locations around the world.
Zorb South UK Zorbing in Swanage
Activity not listed above? See Outdoor Adventure News and Information (below)
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Outdoor Adventure Directories and Multi-activity sites

• News
• Information
• Directories
• Multi-activities

Action Trips
Adrenaline Sports Directory.com (UK)
Adventure Learning [enter 'adventure' in search box]
Adventure Sports Online
Andinia Search Engine for Nature and Adventure Lovers - also in Spanish and Portuguese
Awezome.com - Extremists
BlueDome (UK+) portal
Doctor Danger 'We are not Sensible' (UK+)
Extreme Outdoor Adventure Sports Directory: GravityDex.com
Great Adventures
Great Outdoors (USA+)
the Outdoor Directory (UK+)
Outdoor Resources Online
Recreation Outdoors (dmoz.org)
SearchSport.com includes adventure sports
SeriousSports.com Serious Adventure, Serious Fun (USA +)
TimeOutdoors.com (UK) run, bike, climb, walk, news, advice, directory, shopping, clubs, events
Travel-quest (UK) travel, adventure, teambuilding
ukoutdooractivities.co.uk (UK) multi-activity

World Outdoor Web (UK+) news, community
WWW Virtual Library: Sport - Out and About
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Outdoor News, Weather, Snow and Surf Conditions

Updates for
weather, snow
and surf

The Met Office (UK)
Medium-Range weather forecasts (Europe) http://www.onlineweather.com
avalanche updates
surf updates
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Other Useful Outdoor Sites (mostly UK)
Adventure Activities
Licensing Authority
AALA directory of all licensed providers in the UK
First Aid
Directories of Training Providers
First Aid Action, NHS Health Choices (UK)
Wilderness Medicine Course Providers
Ordnance Survey Ordnance Survey Maps
Regulation of Adventure Activities (UK) An Explanation of Accreditation Badges (AALA, Adventuremark and LOtC) by Brian Ogden, Chair of AAIAC: Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee
AALA Adventure Activities Licensing Authority
Combined water and rock activities (pdf file) HSE Information Sheet
HSE: see http://www.hse.gov.uk for the latest HSE Information Sheet about ropes courses and their supervision.
SPRITO The National Training Organisation for Sport, Recreation, and Allied Occupations. News on: qualifications, education, training, modern apprenticeships, S/NVQs, Investors in People, Graduate Recruitment, etc.
Standards for Adventure (teachernet.gov.uk) for teachers or youth workers taking young people on adventure activities.
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Do you use adventure for team building or leadership training? Roger Greenaway helps instructors become successful facilitators. See my training workshops or sign up for my free monthly ezine: Active Reviewing Tips.

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