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Active Reviewing Tips 1.1 How balanced are your questions?

You are in at the start ... welcome to Volume 1 Issue 1 of ...


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===================== From the editor ===========================


W H Y   S O   S H O R T ?


You're busy and I'm busy. So why do I invest time launching an

ezine when I'm already busy developing a web site, writing books

and providing training?


The answer is 'reviewing'! - the reflective kind rather than the

active kind ...


After reviewing my first year on the internet, I have learned a

bit about people's internet habits (including my own).


Habit 1: Bookmarking a good site and not going back to it.

Habit 2: Losing the address of a site you want to go back to.

Habit 3: Subscribing to an ezine and quickly unsubscribing

because it's long-winded or full of advertisements.


So here is your short(ish), friendly and useful ezine that:

        *** reminds you of a site you have ear/book-marked

        *** includes a practical feature on *reviewing tips*

        *** tells you *what's new* on the site

        *** and will include (in later issues) tips, comments and

             contributions from readers (it could be you!)


I hope you like the idea and that you will either

        (a) forward this ezine to a friend or

        (b) tell me how to improve it so that you will want

         to forward it!


All comments welcome at: roger@reviewing.co.uk

====================== Feature ===========================


H O W    B A L A N C E D   A R E   Y O U R    Q U E S T I O N S ?


However active or creative your reviewing style, the chances are

that you will be asking a lot of questions. And that the chances

are also that most of your questions will be 'looking for trouble'

rather than 'looking for success'.


Here is a list of some commonly used questions paired with some

success-focused alternatives.                            
Negative/neutral question Success-focused alternative
What went wrong? What went right?
What are your needs? What are your strengths?
What did you learn?  What did you learn to do better?
What issues shall we put on the agenda? What issues can we now take off the agenda?
How can you improve? What strengths could you make more use of?
What's missing from this group? What are the assets of this group?
What would you do differently next time? What would you do the same next time?
What do you want to achieve? What is your recipe for success?
And what will you now apply that to?

For more questions, for a better layout(!), for more background

and for several pages on the subject of reviewing success, start

at the Questions For Success page:


from where you can readily find 7 more pages on the subject!

Success is that important!


===================== Guest Article/Tip ========================


A N   I N V I T A T I O N


There are many experienced reviewers who receive this ezine.

And I guess there are also many less experienced reviewers

reading this ezine who have good ideas and tips for reviewing.

So this invitation is to ALL readers.

If you have a tip, a technique or an observation to make about

reviewing that you would like to pass on to other readers, please

write in to this address: roger@reviewing.co.uk

You can ask for further guidance or just send in your ready-made



If you submit an article that is more than a screen height, then

please also provide a short 'taster' that fits into a screen height.

I will then provide a link to the full article if it's on the web.

If you would like your article to appear on the web (and

it's suitable) then I will be pleased to provide space for it in

The Guide to Active Reviewing (i.e. on my web site).


====================== Site News ===========================


T H E   L A T E S T   A D D I T I O N S  

T O   ' T O O L S   F O R   C H A N G E '




which contains an index to these new pages:

    Questions for Success - Finding Success - Admitting Success -

    Expressing Success - Balancing Success - Understanding Success -

    Appreciating Success




which contains an index to these new pages:

    Discussions for Everyone - Different Points of View

- COMING SOON: Outdoor Management Development and

    more on Questions.

Roger Greenaway's Active Reviewing Tips ~ ISSN 1465-8046

is no longer published but you can view more back issues in the ARCHIVES

For Roger's blog and other writings please see the Guide to Active Reviewing

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