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4 Active Reviewing Methods

and the Active Reviewing Cycle

by Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training


I created this page to support John Tomlinson's interview with me about active reviewing tools. The interview is available as a podcast which you can listen to or download here at

Before or after listening to the podcast you will find below 3 further ways of learning about the Active Reviewing Cycle (pdf and ppt) as well as descriptions of the four methods which we talk about in the interview.

Trainers and educators around the world have been surprised to discover that it is possible to complete the learning cycle with active participation all the way round the cycle. What you find below is just an introduction to the world of active reviewing. If you have an appetite for more you will want to do one or all of the following:

The Active Reviewing Cycle
  • The Art of Reviewing - 5 page article pdf
  • Reviewing with Playing Cards - 2 page summary pdf
  • Reviewing with Playing Cards - slide presentation ppt
Focus on FACTS
with >
  • Action Replay
Description pdf
 with >
  • Storyline
Description pdf
 with >
  • Horseshoe
Description and applications pdf
Focus on FUTURES
 with >
  • Turntable
Description and applications pdf

Playing the Joker

The Joker is the wild card that you can play at any time.

The Joker does not take any model too seriously.

The Joker gives the system a human face.

The Joker keeps you alert to contradictions.

The Joker challenges procedures.

The Joker is sharp, quick and perceptive.

The Joker brings fresh perspectives.

The Joker is alive and dynamic.

Above all, the joker lets you trust your judgement

and play your own game.

Every game needs a joker.

Every model has exceptions.


Roger Greenaway

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