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Association for Experiential Education Join or leave the AEE List
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AEE Website
Camp Research The camp research discussion list is no more, but you can learn about camp research at the (ex) list moderator's new website. The knowledge base is available in pdf files or as a free CD (text, slides and audio). USA
CEEPS: Canadian Experiential Education Practitioners Symposium Go to
to join this moderated list.
CEEPS formed in 2002. First conference was in 2003. The only annual Experiential Education conference in Canada. Canada
Send a blank email to:
Diversity Outdoors
The Forum for Diversity in Outdoor Leadership is intended to serve those committed to diversity education and affirmative action through outdoor leadership and experiential education. International
Environmental Education Research JOIN ENV-ED-RESEARCH add your name Archives
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Visit the EEEurope website
Or open an email to join the Experiential Education Europe mailing list for news of the next annual conference.
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The Experiential Learning Exchange If the link on the left does not work then go to linkedin and search groups for "The Experiential Learning Exchange" Go to the group page at linkedin and find the 'join' button International
Experiential-CPD Enter your email address at the list page. Experiential-CPD is a calendar of Continuing Professional Development events in or close to UK. The list is generated from this Calendar of Outdoor and Experiential-CPD events UK-centric
Send an email to:
InterCom is an International Community of experiential and outdoor educators.
To subscribe, send a friendly request to Sandra Hernandez
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Outdoor Curriculum Outdoor Curriculum has been closed but members can still view the archives. You will find more activity in the
IOL Higher Education Group
Send an email to:
Outdoor Education
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Outdoor Education Professionals Go to linkedin and search groups for 'Outdoor Education Professionals' Go to the group page at linkedin and find the 'join' button International
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Outdoor Research
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Peace-Ed Discussion List
about how experiential education can be used to develop and promote peace. This is a Topica list. Start here International
Scisco Conscientia
(outdoor research)
Scisco was online from 1999-2000 It is now closed but you can view the archives which includes 'Can the Mountains Speak for Themselves', 'Facile-itation?' and 'Experience Sampling' International
Society of Park & Recreation Educators SPRE is committed to providing a forum for interaction among recreation and park scholars, and for disseminating information about matters related to educational issues in the parks, recreation and leisure field. How to join SPREnet USA
Wilderness Orientation The Wilderness Orientation List (WILDORNT) closed in April 2002. See these resource pages by Rick Curtis:
Outdoor Action Guide to Wilderness Orientation Programs
Wilderness Orientation Program Resources
View the WILDORNT archives: 1992-2002

For more outdoor discussion lists see:
James Neill's list of lists of discussion lists (!) on these topics:
  • outdoor education
  • experiential education
  • leisure
  • therapeutic recreation
  • environmental education
For more discussion lists about learning:
The Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) offers these Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Bushcraft and Survival Skills
  • Forest Schools
  • Outdoor and Adventure Therapy (previously Therapeutic Outdoor Practitioners
  • Employers Group
  • Spirituality in Outdoor Learning
  • Higher Education
  • Accessible Outdoor Learning
    See the latest listing of Special Interest Groups on the IOL website
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