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Designing Creative Reviews

a workshop with Roger Greenaway


"Experiential Education is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skill, and value from direct experiences."
This is the definition of "Experiential Education" approved by AEE (The Association for Experiential Education). It places the creativity of learners at the heart of the process.

It also supports the presenter's belief that the reviewing of experience is a creative process - whether the review is an informal verbal one or an imaginative process inspired by the creative arts.

This workshop actively explores how we can use reviewing to help learners to respond creatively and constructively to their experiences. Our chances of success increase if we are ourselves creative in how we go about this challenge.


This workshop will explore and develop reviewing skills for anyone who wishes to involve learners more fully and creatively in the reviewing of adventures and other experiences.

Participants will gain the ability to use a more dynamic and versatile tool kit for reviewing experiences, as well as the creativity to adapt and develop methods to enhance their own practice.


This workshop will include:
  • Beyond brainstorming - practising creative thinking skills.
  • Programme design - designing reviews before choosing or designing activities.
  • Matching review methods with activities, exercises and objectives.
  • Designing reviews based on situations identified by course participants.
  • Putting designs to the test - old and new ideas will be tried, tested and improved.


The two days should be involving, enjoyable, and creative and will be based on the principles of experience-based learning. There will be opportunities to try out ideas that are presented or developed in the course of the workshop. This core process will be supported by inputs, handouts, exercises and discussion.


Roger Greenaway comes from a background in outdoor education and development training. After the publication of 'Playback: A Guide to Reviewing Activities' (1993), Roger decided to specialise in reviewing skills training. This has taken him around the UK and to the USA, Canada, South Africa and China. He gained a doctorate in 1995 with a study of OMD courses at Brathay. Further handbooks about reviewing with young people and adults are on the way.


  • These training workshops are enjoyable, effective and participatory events based on the principles of experience-based learning.
  • The typical learning sequence is explanation, example, trying out the skill or method, reviewing what happened, and considering developments and alternatives.
  • Relevance is ensured through pre-course negotiation, preparatory exercises and mid-way evaluation.
  • Supporting handouts are included with all workshops to minimise the need for note-taking and to maximise involvement.
  • New workshops will be announced later this year to coincide with the publication of two new handbooks.
  • Current workshops are listed on the main workshops page, where you will also find links to some other workshop descriptions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if would like to receive a workshop description tailored to your needs, please send an e-mail request to
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