Using Experiential Learning to Develop Team Skills

The training workshop described below has already taken place.

It is left here as an example of a workshop design that may be repeated in the future. If you would like to host or attend this kind of workshop (or are just curious about what happened) send a message to roger@reviewing.co.uk

Using Experiential Learning
to Develop Team Skills

A workshop provided by Roger Greenaway

About this workshop

  • This workshop highlights some of the key issues, strategies and opportunities to consider when using experiential learning to develop team skills.
  • The emphasis in this workshop is on how to develop team skills.
  • The workshop includes some brief practical exercises - allowing you some 'experiential' insights into the possibilities.
Experiential Learning
  • How involved? A spectrum from superficial to total.
  • How positive? Learning from mistakes or achievements.
  • How much reviewing? Balancing experience and review.
  • How much say do learners have? How is this decided?
Learning about teams and teamwork
  • Off-the-shelf models - their uses and limitations
  • Learner-generated models - clarifying and developing them
  • Learning from here-and-now team experiences - on-the-job and off-the-job
Learning about myself in teams
  • Through personal reflection - norms and exceptions
  • Through feedback from others - how my behaviour affects others
  • Avoiding labels and stereotypes - multiple realities and moving on
Learning about this team
  • Reviewing tools that help teams explore their own processes
  • Activities that highlight weaknesses
  • Activities that highlight strengths
Seeking a variety of team experiences ('Active Experimentation')
  • Experiencing different activities with the same team
  • Experiencing different roles and responsibilities within the same team
  • Experiencing different teams with different people
Seeking success     [Link to Reviewing Success]
  • The importance of liking experiential learning
  • Nit-picking vs. studying success
  • Destroying barriers to success and making recipes for success
Facilitating the development of team skills
  • Experiential methods help everyone to stay focused on skills development.
  • Experimentation helps to discourage stereotyping and stagnation
  • A positive focus removes fears about learning by doing.
Web-based resources about experiential learning and team skills About the presenter

The presenter is Roger Greenaway. He provides trainer-training in reviewing skills worldwide. He is the author of handbooks about experiential learning. Roger draws on his experiences as a development trainer and on his doctorate in management learning. He is currently involved in the development of S/NVQ Level 4 in Development Training.

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