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Thoughts for the month
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first published in the Experiential-CPD Calendar
and now available in annual collections from 2011-2017

Thoughts for the month 2017

Unexpected Diversity
Reasons to be Cheerful
Perfect Professionalism
Called to Serve
Glorious Mud
One hour every day
The Art of Doing Nothing
Thoughts for the month 2016 Magic Stickology
Whose Story?
Under the Bushel
All work and no play
Where to Invade Next
Why Walking Works
How much mindfulness?
Richer for the Experience - part 1
Richer for the Experience - part 2
Richer for the Experience - part 3
Take a Break
Thoughts for the month 2015 Freedom to Roam and Read
Rebranding Boredom
Lasting Impact - or something better?
Other versions of history are also available
Too busy to read?
How do you define process?
Reading Groups
Hide and Seek
UK Blogs about experiential learning
Supported by research
Frightening People
5 Experiential Learning Trends for 2016
Thoughts for the month 2014 When winning is losing
Silence in experiential learning
Teambuilding with Sheep
When does experiential learning happen?
What learning happens when?
Agile Experiential Learning
Not Learning from Experience
The Attractions of Uncertainty
Bill Looks Back
Competition or Collaboration?
Ivory Tower
Thoughts for the month 2013

Darkness my old friend
When winter works well
Walking and learning
Bubble armour
What do we do?
How do you know what we do?
Designing richer learning experiences
The 'undesignables'
Finding inspiration
Experiences for me
Shared experience or unique experience?
Thoughts for the month 2012 The Benefits of Play
Festival of Outdoor Learning
In Praise of Improvisation
Thank You
Resource: Sustainability, Curriculum for Excellence
  and the John Muir Award
On Being Resourceful
Too Experiential?
Too Experiential? A Response
Too Experiential? More Thoughts
From 'Too Experiential' to 'Making the Experience Big'
Whose Experience is it Anyway?
Getting Beyond the Caption
Thoughts for the month 2011 Thinking about hybrids...
Guess what I'm thinking?
Paradigms Lost
Mantle of the Expert - or Novice?
Who needs models?
Who needs models? - Reply
Whose Preferences?
CPD & cpd
Working on the Edge?
What an Experience!
Mantle of the Expert: part two
Whatever happened to Brian?

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