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The training workshop described below has already taken place.

It is left here as an example of a workshop design that may be repeated in the future. If you would like to host or attend this kind of workshop (or are just curious about what happened) send a message to

Trainer-Training Events
at Ripley Castle

Roger Greenaway is providing a series of 3 x 1 day workshops at Ripley Castle, NORTH YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND April, May, June 2000

A series of 3 x 1 day courses for trainers using the outdoors
  • Develop reviewing skills that enable your clients gain maximum value from your courses
  • Learn how to use reviewing techniques that make the most of outdoor experiences
  • Practise reviewing methods that are as engaging as the activities themselves
  • Become more proficient in skills that are central to successful facilitation.
Venue: Ripley Castle

DAY ONE:  April 
reviewing at the beginning of a training course

The main focus of the first day is on how you can use reviewing to accelerate group development and to fire up the process of experiential learning. You will learn how to raise the quality of communication within a group, how to keep reviews alive and moving, and how to deal with resistances to learning. You will be able to try out a stimulating range of reviewing methods using natural objects, visual aids, stories, replays and other techniques from creative arts, drama, counselling and group work. This workshop will extend your toolkit and develop your skills in using these versatile reviewing tools.

DAY TWO:  May 
reviewing in the middle of a training course

The main focus of the second day is on how you can use reviewing to add to the impact of experience-based learning - so that both the experiences and the learning will live on after the event. You will discover what you can do throughout training events to ensure that they have a longer-term impact. Learners will no longer need to ask (or be asked) "how does this link to work?" You will learn how to use a range of reviewing methods that help learners to make and develop strong links between their course experiences and their experiences back in the real world. This workshop is well supported by recent theories about the transfer of learning, but the priority is a practical one - to develop and extend your reviewing toolkit.

reviewing near the end of a training course

The main focus of the third day is your own continuing professional development in reviewing skills. A range of reviewing methods will be used to help you review your own experiences of reviewing. These will mostly be methods that are used towards the end of a training course such as appraisal, feedback, learning plans, action plans and evaluation. You will learn how to review a lot in a short time, how to help learners test their plans, how to evaluate the training you provide and how to maximise your own learning as a trainer. This day is suitable for experienced reviewers or for people who have attended at least one of the other days in this series of workshops.

10 benefits of effective reviewing

  1. You are more in touch with learners
  2. You develop communication skills (yours and theirs)
  3. You develop learning skills (yours and theirs)
  4. You add value to what happens
  5. You make benefits more tangible
  6. You find evidence for evaluation
  7. You become more alert and responsive to what is going on
  8. You help learners clarify and achieve their objectives
  9. You assist transfer of learning

Roger Greenaway began working in OMD in 1981. He received a doctorate in 1995 for a study of the experiences of managers during OMD events. Roger now provides reviewing skills training to a wide range of clients in the UK and abroad. Both as preparation and follow-up for this event you are recommended to browse Roger's 'Online Guide to Active Reviewing' at: 
Roger Greenaway (Reviewing Skills Training)
''... went down so well with the staff that we asked Roger to run a second training event for us''
Randall Williams
Bowles Training Services, UK
''Your techniques are still working wonders for us on the job with what occasionally seem to be miraculous results. Thank you still.'' [3 months on]
Caroline Sillman
Corporate Adventure Associates, SA

''... our clients benefited long term because the transfer of learning from our programmes was greatly enhanced''
Andy Brown
Executive Director of ThinkWOW, China

Log Heights who hosted these events have since evolved into
- same castle, same Shirley, more twist

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