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Transfer of Learning

Resources about the transfer of learning
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'How Transfer Happens' is about:

  • The limits of transfer thinking
  • The diversity of transfer in practice
  • The outdoors - a special case for transfer?
  • What the research says about transfer
  • Poems versus plans
  • Tools for transfer during a training course
  • A transfer exercise
Reference: Greenaway, R. (2002) "How Transfer Happens" in: Organisation Development: Topical Papers No. 5, February 2002, 39-55, Brathay, Ambleside.

You may obtain back copies of Brathay's Organisation Development: Topical Papers from Helen Matthews at Brathay, Brathay Hall, Ambleside, Cumbria LA22 OHP tel: 015394 33041 fax: 015394 39701 email:

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To find more resources about transfer on this site, enter 'transfer' in the site search box or go straight to my collection of book reviews about the transfer of learning.

Roger Greenaway provides open and customised trainer-training courses on the reviewing of experiences and the transfer of training.
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