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Training Workshops with Roger Greenaway

The sample programmes below could be the basis for a custom-designed training event for your network or organisation.

Or you may find a suitable event already waiting for you on the open training workshops page.

Sample Programmes

Tools for Training and Transfer
Learn how to create a culture of success, support, action, participation, learning, change and transfer in ways that engage and develop a broad range of learning skills.
2 days
Facilitating Effective Reviews
Learn how to use a selection of reviewing tools for maximising learning in group settings, how to use appropriate sequencing and develop all learning styles.
1 day
Make Reviews More Active and Engaging
Learn how to match review methods to activities and to desired outcomes.
This is the most detailed sample programme.
3 days
How to Facilitate Dynamic Debriefing
Learn how to use debriefing techniques that will enhance the impact and effectiveness of your training exercises. Become more proficient in skills that are central to successful facilitation.
3 days
How to Transfer Learning and Give your Training Lasting Impact
Learn the strategies and techniques for ensuring that the full benefits of your training events are transferred to the 'real' world.
2 days

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Reviewing Skills Training Workshops and Seminars

  • The training workshops are enjoyable, effective and participatory events: experience-based learning about experience-based learning.
  • The typical learning sequence in these workshops is:
    • explanation
    • example
    • experiencing the skill or method
    • reviewing what happened
    • considering developments and alternatives.
    • On longer programmes you also experience reviewing as a facilitator (and receiving feedback).
  • Relevance is ensured through pre-course negotiation, preparatory exercises and mid-way evaluation. You choose the approach that best suits you: off-the-shelf, mix'n'match or start from scratch based on your needs and interests. (Open programmes do not have all these features.)
  • Any Questions? Please send an email if you have any questions about training workshops - open or customised.
Roger Greenaway
Dr. Roger Greenaway enjoys providing training and consultancy for developing practical debriefing and facilitation skills. He has earned his reputation by helping educators and trainers learn how to maximise the benefits of active learning. This is typically achieved by developing dynamic approaches to the reviewing and transfer of learning.

More Sample Programmes

open events

Exploring new ways of facilitating reviewing and transfer
Explore ... Scaling up, Moving Bodies -> Moving Minds, Learning Cycles Kill, Playing the Joker, creativity in transfer, making learning sticky, stakeholder involvement, planning from back to front.

1 day
Experiential learning and its impact
Experience is a powerful teacher, but we have powerful resistances to learning from experience because of what we have already learned from experience. Explore issues, skills and models in practical ways.
1 day
Reviewing Skills and Methods for Outdoor Educators
How to facilitate reflection in ways that capture energy and imagination while ensuring that new experiences result in real and lasting benefits for young people.
2 days
Harnessing the power of outdoor learning
Learn practical ways of applying the principles of experience-based learning to Management Development Outdoors. Develop insights and competencies in facilitation, reviewing, evaluation and programme design. Extend your toolkit for reviewing outdoor learning experiences and for ensuring transfer back to the workplace.
5 days
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