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Roger Greenaway

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Reviewing Skills and Methods for Outdoor Educators

Presented and facilitated by Roger Greenaway

Outdoor and residential experiences can have a significant impact on participants' social and emotional development. This programme will enable you to facilitate reflection in ways that capture energy and imagination while ensuring that new experiences result in real and lasting benefits.

Day 1

Themes and Questions

Content and Practice

Session 1

Introducing Reviewing

Introducing a programme

Why review? Why review actively?

Reviewing for development or reviewing for learning?


Observation Walk

Activity Map

The Benefits of Reviewing

The Active Reviewing Cycle (reviewing with playing cards)

Session 2

Communicating Experiences

Facts and feelings (the red suits)

Bringing adventures to life and getting to know each other’s stories.



Action Replay - reliving experience.

Empathy Test - how well do you know each other?

Session 3

Learning from Experiences

Findings and futures (the black suits)

Making reviewing tactile, visual, creative, intuitive and active.

Stones - exploring team dynamics

Missing Person - an intuitive approach to group development Horseshoe - where do U stand?

Session 4

Success-focused Reviewing

appreciative facilitation, giving and receiving positive feedback.

Bringing out learning stories.

What so far will assist transfer?



Questions for success


Evaluation using Sim(ultaneous) Survey

Day 2

Themes and Questions

Content and Practice

Session 1

Reviewing Outdoors

How can we review outdoors without a flip chart? In many ways...

The Joker as a wild card.

Customising reviewing to the places, activities, participants and objectives you work with.

Making reviewing an adventure.

Session 2

The Transfer of Learning

How do different kinds of learning transfer?

Identifying and using stakeholders.

Poets are masters of transfer.

The transfer of outdoor learning, self-esteem, relationships and team skills.

Goal Keepers - instant feedback

Turntable - seeing different sides.

Session 3

Designing a Reviewing Strategy

Can we design flow for programmes, groups and individuals?

The timing of reviews.

Finding time to review


Starting with the end in mind.

Flow in 3 and 5 day programmes.

Tips and tricks for timely reviews and not running out of review time.

Session 4


What memories and souvenirs do participants take away?

What memories and souvenirs do we take away?

Souvenirs for all learning styles.

Making learning sociable.

Back to the Future

Future Walking

When taking people into the outdoors we can have a huge impact on how they experience it. It doesn’t just depend on the weather. The quality of people’s experiences in the outdoors will influence the attitudes and values they form about the natural environment and their relationship with it. Our enthusiasm plays an important role. But there are other important factors that influence how people experience the outdoors. This workshop will help you to make outdoor experiences even more enjoyable, rewarding and meaningful.

Dr. Roger Greenaway provides training and consultancy for developing practical debriefing and facilitation skills. He has earned his reputation by helping educators and trainers learn how to maximise the benefits of active learning. This is typically achieved by developing dynamic approaches to the reviewing and transfer of learning.

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