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How to Facilitate Dynamic Debriefing

a practical 3 day trainer-training programme

provided by Dr. Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training


  • Develop debriefing skills that enable participants to gain maximum value from your courses.

  • Learn how to use debriefing techniques that will enhance the impact and effectiveness of your training exercises.

  • Practise debriefing methods that engage all learning styles and develop participants’ abilities to learn from experience.

  • Become more proficient in skills that are central to successful facilitation.

After taking part in this 3 day programme you will be able to:

  • Structure debriefing sessions using the 4F reviewing cycle

  • Use 15 or more debriefing techniques for facilitating learning from experience

  • Design a debriefing strategy for a whole training programme including sessions that focus on feedback and on the transfer of learning.

DAY 1: An introduction to dynamic debriefing

An introduction to dynamic debriefing &
How to use the 4F Playing Card sequence.

1-2-Many and Learning Buddies

You will participate in 8 methods from all parts of the cycle.

  • Facts: 1. Observation Rounds & 2. Brief Encounters
  • Feelings: 3. Story Line & 4. Empathy Test
  • Findings: 5. Spokes & 6. Horseshoe
  • Futures: 7. Missing Person & 8. Sim Survey


DAY 2: Designing debriefing

This day includes 8 designs for 30 minute reviews

  1. Pie Chart
  2. Picture Postcards
  3. Success Chart
  4. Dream Drawing
  5. Action Replay
  6. Mid Activity Review (Goal Keepers)
  7. Turntable
  8. Back to the Future

The 5th F: The Joker as a wild card representing Freedom and Flexibility.

DAY 3: Practice and Transfer


The morning is mainly for practice sessions, which also provides an opportunity for using a range of feedback methods.

The afternoon focuses on transfer with small groups planning their fresh insights and tools into a forthcoming programme.

Dr. Roger Greenaway has been researching, developing and providing training in debriefing skills for over 20 years. He was awarded a doctorate in 1995 for a study of experiential learning with managers. In 1996 he provided his first training event in China, since when he has provided several trainer-training programmes in China and East Asia.

Roger’s has recently written a chapter on dynamic debriefing for Mel Silberman’s Handbook of Experiential Learning (2007) and articles on Reviewing for Development, Reviewing for Results and Reviewing for Teams.

Roger specialises in two closely related subjects: reviewing (debriefing) and the transfer of learning. He trains facilitators to use techniques that result in high levels of engagement throughout the processes of learning and transfer.

See what clients say or get in touch if you are interested in attending, hosting or adapting this programme. Send an email or use one of these options to get in touch.

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