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Facilitating Effective Reviews

A facilitation skills workshop presented by 

Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training

Amongst the challenges for effective reviewing are:

  • Choosing reviewing techniques that keep everyone fully involved in learning.

  • Quickly finding what is worth reviewing in greater depth and detail.

  • Building a climate for learning from each other and from work experience.

During the workshop you will:

  • Learn how to use the active reviewing cycle

  • Practise a variety of stimulating and effective reviewing methods

  • Design a reviewing session for a project, team or service review in your place of work.

On finishing the workshop you will be able to:

  • Use a selection of reviewing tools for maximising learning in group settings.

  • Use appropriate sequencing when facilitating reviews.

  • Use techniques that develop all learning styles.

Session 1: Active Reviewing

The Benefits of Reviewing and the Benefits of Active Reviewing.

Attending to success: Brief Encounters (sharing success); Activity Map (sharing values)

Attending to the environment (physical and human): Observation Project (awareness raising)

Attending to process: real time feedback using Sliding Cards or Goal Keepers

Attending to outcomes: Objective Lines (moving forwards by looking backwards)

Session 2: The Active Reviewing Cycle

This cycle provides a bridge between experiential learning theory and practical reviewing skills. After a short interactive presentation, you will be invited to travel round the cycle using a variety of reviewing tools such as Sequenced Questions, Pictures, Maps, Charts, Rounds or Replays.

Review of session using Questions for Success

Session 3: Playing the Joker: exploring alternative models

Every way of seeing is also a way of not seeing. The Joker reminds us of other perspectives.

Intuitive Reviewing: The Missing Person (for team development)

Reviewing for Development: a template for achieving developmental goals.

Designing a reviewing session for a project, team or service review in your place of work.

Session 4: The Future: different ways of getting there

Seeing is Believing: Dream Drawing

Moving Bodies, Moving Minds: Horseshoe

Scaling up Force Field Analysis and experiencing it using Future Walking

Turntable Discussion: Optimists versus Pessimists or Poems versus Plans

Making Learning Stick or Making Learning Sticky? (planning and networking)

Dr. Roger Greenaway provides training and consultancy for developing practical debriefing and facilitation skills. He has earned his reputation by helping educators and trainers learn how to maximise the benefits of active learning. This is typically achieved by developing dynamic approaches to the reviewing and transfer of learning.

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