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Tools for Training and Transfer

Expand your toolkit for facilitating reviewing and the transfer of learning.
Learn how to create cultures of success, support, action, participation, learning, change and transfer in ways that engage and develop a broad range of learning skills. Presented and facilitated by Roger Greenaway.


Creating a culture of success

What Works Well?

This opening session will include a number of strengths-based methods for learning from experience. Sources include: Starting from Strengths, Gallup, Appreciative Inquiry, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Reviewing Success.

Creating a culture of support

Partners in Learning

Slow down, you’re going too fast. Invest time in creating real support for learning. An intelligent choice of methods can help to build support that is genuine, specific, motivational and individually tailored - even in large groups.

Creating a culture of action

Movement in Learning

There are many ways of making reviewing active and there are many benefits from doing so. Even the most abstract topics can be explored in dynamic ways. These active reviewing techniques help people to communicate more effectively, explore ideas and values and focus on progress towards their goals.

Creating a culture of participation

Tools for Learning

How democratic is your practice? This session focuses on tools and responsibilities that you can place in the hands of learners - so that their own questioning and facilitation skills are brought into play.

Ongoing review and evaluation will help to ensure that pace, style and content are relevant to your work as trainer, facilitator or consultant.


Creating a culture for all learning styles

Creative Reviewing

Learning is a creative process and we will explore a number of reviewing methods that build on this principle. Some methods go for quality while others draw on the speed of intuition and the effectiveness of visual communication.

Creating a culture for learning

Designing Reviews

It often happens that learning exercises are carefully designed but reviews are improvised. Without spoiling your appetite for improvisation, you will be challenged to see how far you can go towards designing the reviewing of activities and programmes in advance.

Creating a culture of transfer

Making Learning Stick

Using your learning from this programme we will try out a number of different transfer strategies associated with ‘near transfer’. These strategies will increase the chances that you will use what you have learned.

Creating a culture of change

Making Learning Sticky

Using your learning from this programme we will try out a number of different transfer strategies associated with ‘far transfer’. These strategies will help you to continue your learning and development as a facilitator of reviewing.

You can find more details of this programme in this pdf file (98kb)

And you can listen to a podcast in which I describe 5 of the strategies for transfer that are part of this workshop. Podcast. Supporting files

Dr. Roger Greenaway provides training and consultancy for developing practical debriefing and facilitation skills. He has earned his reputation by helping educators and trainers learn how to maximise the benefits of active learning. This is typically achieved by developing dynamic approaches to the reviewing and transfer of learning.

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