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Roger Greenaway

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Exploring new ways of facilitating reviewing and transfer

with Dr. Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training

It is likely that reflection (reviewing) and transfer are critical to the success of all programmes. This is especially true when the learning is active and experiential.  Techniques will be supported by handouts, others by web references. You will be able to influence the balance between quantity and quality. You will have the opportunity to sample all techniques as a participant.

MORNING: New angles on reviewing
  • Scaling up reviewing methods. Making models, diagrams and doodles big enough to step into them and experience and explore them from within.
  • Moving bodies, moving minds. If people always sit in the same place and adopt the same posture in reviews, getting stuck is easy. Just how much can physical movement help to free up thinking and learning and seeing things from new perspectives?
  • Learning cycles kill. Whatever their originator’s intent, linear sequential models in practice kill off the intuitive and multi-linear parallel processing capabilities of the brain. What we experience during reflection matters, as does how we reflect during experience.
  • Playing the joker. Models are good at simplifying complex realities. What is lost in this simplifying process is represented by the Joker. The Joker helps people see the territory beyond the map and frees people from living in Lego worlds.
  • Reviewing with playing cards (1). A visual and playful way of making theory practical.

AFTERNOON: New angles on Transfer
  • Poets are masters of transfer (writes Prof. Robert Haskell). How much creativity is involved in successful transfer?
  • The language of transfer. Even the term ‘far transfer’ implies copying. Maybe the terms ‘translating’ or ‘transforming’ more accurately capture what we really mean by ‘transfer’? Does this take action planning into new territory? What does ‘transformation planning’ look like?
  • Making learning sticky and how this is different to making learning stick.
  • Reviewing with playing cards (2): how transfer happens throughout any cycle, and why learners should lead with their strongest suit during transfer.
  • Stakeholder involvement: mapping and engaging representatives of the entire network that will benefit from successful transfer.
  • Active and creative reviewing assists transfer - near and far.

Dr. Roger Greenaway provides training and consultancy for developing practical debriefing and facilitation skills. He has earned his reputation by helping educators and trainers learn how to maximise the benefits of active learning. This is typically achieved by developing dynamic approaches to the reviewing and transfer of learning.

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