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Reviewing Skills Training: Project Clients

Roger Greenaway has contributed to these writing projects in various roles
as a consultant, co-author, contributing author or principal author

Roger's writing projects
Dynamic Debriefing - a chapter for Mel Silberman's 'Handbook of Experiential Learning'
Dynamic Debriefing is serialised in Active Reviewing Tips
Practical Debriefing - article in Train the Trainer Fenman
Training for Transfer -article in Train the Trainer  Fenman
How Transfer Happens - article in Organisation Development: Topical Papers No. 5, Brathay, Ambleside Brathay
Techniques for encouraging student participation in learning SFEU
A Brief Guide to Outdoor Learning - a mini website at ... IOL website
Touching Base at Brathay. What are the theoretical foundations of Brathay’s mainstream work? An investigation for the Brathay Academy published in Old Traditions and New Trends: 7th European Seminar proceedings EOE/IOL IOL bookshop
Whose Values? International Perspectives in Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning
BSJ, Freiburg
Facilitation and Reviewing in Outdoor Education - a chapter in The Russell House Outdoor Education Companion (2004)
The Art of Reviewing - article in Journal of the Institute of
Training and Occupational Learning

Reviewing for Development - TMS E-Journal
A view into the future: the value of other ways of learning and development - a chapter in Other Ways of Learning Ed. Becker and Schirp. 2008. Chapter
free download
Reviewing and Reflection: Connecting People to Experiences - by Roger Greenaway and Clifford Knapp Chapter 26 in the International Handbook of Outdoor Studies (2015) publisher: Taylor and Francis Chapter
pay T&F for access
Experience Debriefed - a chapter in Adult Educators on Dewey’s Experience and Education which is part of the John Wiley 'New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education'. This chapter describes debriefing or reflective learning practices that help ensure that real?life experiences of potential value will (in Dewey's words) “live fruitfully and creatively in subsequent experiences.” Published online by Wiley 16 April 2018 Chapter
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Roger's contributions to books and projects
Consultant to authors of Wild Adventure Space OPENspace
Contributor to Outdoor Learning Cards OEAP
Contributor to Adventurous Experiential Learning in South Africa by Heunis and Priest in press
Contributor to Effective Leadership in Adventure Programming by Miles and Priest
Contributor to Learning Out Doors: Support for Young People in Risky Transitions - an annotated collection of articles BSJ Marburg & Threshold
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Contributions to books published in other languages are listed here.

Clients listed on other pages
Adult sector clients: training for trainers, consultants and other facilitators
Youth sector clients: training for teachers, social workers and youth workers
Conference clients: conference presentations and workshops

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