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  • This is the first site I have found that has really been any help, I was beginning to think I was the only person who thought this way!
  • Your site for many of my units has always been the first port of call, the navigation is easy and the content is second to none. I particularly like the way all papers are humanised, it is an important function to me, by allowing individuals, to be just that - individuals rather than blind model-followers. Your work has a sense of inclusivity and completeness not found in many other writers. I have referenced you extensively, but not only that I have used your references to further my own knowledge. (Richard Heaton, Masters in Organisational Training and Development)
  • You are doing some great things with your site ... you obviously have a vision for it.
  • Thanks for all the info. I'm trying to develop ojt for my staff of trainers. Your research on reviewing is great.
  • I am Child and Youth Worker student in Canada and your site was great and very helpful as well as your links.
  • I was really impressed. Lots of great ideas for anyone interested in experiential education. Thanks for your hard work.
  • I really do appreciate the work done here! Excellent references for my job - which is to train/educate unemployed young adults
  • I've just tapped into your web-site and I'm impressed
  • Thanks for the directory; I think that this is a wonderful service.
  • Right on, you are doing a great job. Keep on rollin´.
  • Keep up the Good Work!!!
  • I liked all the possibilities presented here - I get excited reading and thinking and imaging about all the neat ideas here. Thank you!!! This was just what I was looking for!
  • I would like to thank you for the page 'Free Stuff for Webpersons' - It's COOL!
  • What a great resource, thanks for putting in the time and effort to create and maintain this site
  • What a fantastic site! I really enjoyed what you had to say.
  • Congratulations on the idea of a new directory of outdoor websites.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your site.
  • A refresher. Creative ideas. Practical for those with a 'yearning for learning'.
  • It was very refreshing and exciting.
  • it is an amazing site .... I was overwhelmed to see that there are so many PRACTICAL suggestion and tips provided here. The content has really lured me into becoming a daily visitor to your site. Thanks
  • Found your site by accident and found it fascinating!
  • It is fabulous. What you say really hits home.
  • Roger Greenaway's information-packed site on Active Reviewing contains a multitude of resources for helping groups "debrief." One of my favorites, Understanding Success, offers some particularly useful resources for helping us not only focus on success, but also for helping our clients examine and verbalize what we all did to contribute to that success. (Bernie deKoven,
  • I love the site for it's thorough examination and linking to most outdoor activities. The support for those of us that are facilitators is like having a personal cheerleader encouraging us to do our best! (Daniel Ebenau)

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  • very impressed
  • the great number of practical ideas
  • great creative ideas
  • Clear and punchy - easy to navigate around it
  • rich with content
  • the "Feedback Exercises" are great - I'll definitely be using some of them!
  • I like the way you look at everything and then return to what is simple, effective and memorable.
  • I wish to congratulate you for the depth and richness of your work through your web site.

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